Welcome Address


The Unit Head (LTU) addressing the students on the activities of NAGIS.



 The students examining samples of Orthophoto images produced in the site inspection department of the organisation.

They were also briefed on the procedures, policies, and standards of inspecting properties of applicants before documents are processed.



Unit Head (LTU) at the Customer Service Unit explaining the process of opening a new file,

conducting legal search, and entering of initial bills.



Unit Head (TPU) explaining the normal routine carried out by planners in the organisation which includes

Inspection and Reporting, and the elements that has to be considered during inspection.




Students were also enlightened on the processes carried out after a new file is opened from the Customer Service Unit.

After opening a file, the sticker which contains all the relevant information about the file is produced for easy tracking in the FTMS.



 Mr. Musa Ahmed (GIS Specialist/Consultant) lecturing some of the students on the overall NAGIS framework

and the components of the NAGIS system which includes LIS, DMS, FTMS, MAPPING and PLANNING  



 A group picture of the visitors with the Co-ordinator (NAGIS), Mr. Khalid Adamu after

series of educative sessions from all departments of NAGIS.