Welcome to Nasarawa Geographic Information Service


Nasarawa Geographic Information Service (NAGIS) is a State Agency established in 2012 and signed into Law in May 2017

to support the development of Nasarawa State. NAGIS is the only official GIS Data source for Nasarawa state that hosts all digital

land administration matters. The NAGIS technical platform deploys the latest information and communication hardware with 

Land Administration System (LAS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) linked to the NAGIS Digital Date Repository with full

coverage of aerial photography of the state. High resolution 10cm orthophotos captured in 2019 for all urban areas and 25 cm orthophotos

for all rural areas are used to confirm survey coordinates, land use and development status. The technical infrastructure, with the trained 

and qualified staff, enables NAGIS to process and produce digitally secured certificate of occupancy and registration of 

Land documents quickly and efficiently.


Support and Services

NAGIS operates occupancy programs aimed at ensuring customer support and satisfaction during application process.


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             (SFTAS PROPERTY REGISTRATION)                            (SYSTEMATIC RECERTIFICATION)                                    (SYSTEMATIC REGULARIZATION)

   Property Registration under SFTAS is a World            Shareholders of old Certificate of Occupancy                      This is a program for land owners who

    Bank project  to fast track land registration             or old offer letter (R-of- O) registered before            bought titled and registered land from previous

       through offering land owners  ease of                     October 2013 are required  to apply for the                    land owners to register and regularize title

             obtaining their title documents.                          new digital secured Certificate of Occupancy.                       in the name of the new landowners. 



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                                                      (APPLICATION UPDATE)                                                                         (DIRECT ALLOCATION)

                                This is a free of charge program to all applicants                                      From time to time Nasarawa State Government 

                                to update and reactivate their uncompleted land                               acquires land and develop property planned layouts

                                registration to finally obtain their Certificate                                      with basic infrastructure for Direct Allocation to the

                                                          of Occupancy.                                                                                   public sequel to application.  



                            123                          NAGIS Head Office                                                           NAGIS Service Centre

                                                               Jos Road, Lafia                                                                 Abuja-Keffi Expressway, Karu

                                                               Nasarawa State                                                                Nasarawa State.         


                           1234                          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                   12345          07032677637 (MTN)

                                                                                                                                                             08054822552 (GLO) 




1. Private Individual applicants need to complete the SRI form and Organisations need to complete the SRO form to apply for a Right of ownership.

2. Payment for the Processing Fee must be made online https://nasarawaigr.com/ in reference to the CBS Invoice Number or with POS or Online Payment in NAGIS.

3. The CBS Online Receipt or POS Receipt need to be submitted together with the complete application form and the required documents.

4. Proof of the applicants identity is required. For private Individuals copy of National ID or International Passport or Driving License or Voters Card. For Organisations Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Certificate of Incorporation / Registration and Authorized Representative/ Contact Person ID.

5. For private Individuals, one (1) passport sized photograph of the applicant is required. White background please.

6. Proof of ownership for the property is required (Change of Ownership and Clearance Form, Allocation Letter, Customary C-of-O, Registered Transaction).

7. Any Power of Attorney or Assignment that has not been registered will require a Local Government Change of Ownership and Clearance Form in the name of the applicant and signed and proofed by Local Government  authorities.

8. The applicant address must be properly described, and the telephone numbers must be readable and complete.

9. The applicant needs to book a Site Inspection Visit with the Town Planner in NAGIS Service Centre or NAGIS Head Office or in the MLUD Area Office.

10. The property must be surveyed. The Office of the Surveyor General or any private Registered Surveyor can be contacted. ( Existing Survey Data can be submitted to the Office of the Surveyor General or NAGIS Service Centre in Karu).

For more information contact the NAGIS Customer Service Helpline (08054822552, 07032677637)

You can either apply online through the link below or download and fill out the form.




01 Land Application SRIv13 - Statutory Right Occupancy Individual

02 Land Application SROv13 - Statutory Right Occupancy Organisation

03 Update Form UCIv12 - Update COFO Details Individual

04 Update Form UCOv12 - Update COFO Details Organisation

05 Update Government Item NSGv5 - Government only

06 Update Withdrawal WAPv5 - Application Form Ind and Org

07 Update Surrender of CofO SRRv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

08 Update Form PITv6 - Property Identification

09 Plot Application APIv12 - Plot from Gov. Layout Individual

10 Plot Application APOv12 - Plot from Gov. Layout Organisation

11 Plot Merger MPIv8 - Application Form Individual

12 Plot Merger MPOv8 - Application Form Organisation

13 Plot Extension PEXv8 - Application Form Ind and Org

14 Plot Part Surrender PSIv7 - Application Form Individual

15 Plot Part Surrender PSOv7 - Application Form Organisation

16 Plot Subdivision SDVv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

17 Plot Change of Landuse CLUv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

18 Transaction Assignment ASGv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

19 Transaction Power of Attorney POAv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

20 Transaction Mortgage MOTv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

21 Transaction Release RELv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

22 Transaction Sublease SUBv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

23 Transaction Deed of Gift GIFv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

24 Transaction Devolution Order DVOv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

25 Misc Legal Search LSAv9 - Application Form Ind and Org

26 Misc Change of Name CNAv6 - Application Form Ind and Org

27 Misc Replacement of Title Document RPLv6 - Application Form Ind and Org

28 Misc Certify True Copy CTCv6 - Application Form Ind and Org

29 Misc Site and Services SSPv8 - Application Form Organisation only

30 Misc Siteplan SPAv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

31 Update Form ReGrant RofO RGRv6 - Application Form Re-Grant of RofO

32 NAGIS Letter of Acceptance - Standard empty Form

 50 Recertification Form RECv4 - Application Form Ind and Org