Wednesday, 13 November 2013, KARU, NASARAWA STATE, NIGERIA. Today an official courtesy visit was made to His Royal Highness the ESU KARU, Pham. Luka Panya Baba by the Nasarawa Geographic Information Service (NAGIS), represented by the NAGIS Project Manager Ibrahim Usman Jibril, accompanied by Peter Ritchie, Senior Consultant, David Dole Attah, Karu Area Officer, Ministry of Lands and Urban Development and Martha Dada, NAGIS Stakeholder Relations.

The NAGIS delegation updated the Esu Karu on the progress made so far in the implementation of the project, assuring the Esu Karu that the NAGIS infrastructure and technical systems are now in place, and NAGIS staff are ready to serve the state government and the public. NAGIS is now able to generate Certificates of Occupancy (C-of-O) within 30 days from the final survey.

NAGIS is now beginning its stakeholder outreach programme beginning with this briefing to the Esu Karu, and to seek his advice and his support, including ensuring proper attendance of the upcoming town hall meetings that will begin with the first town hall meeting scheduled to take place in Karu on Saturday, 23 November 2013.

Ibrahim Jibril also noted that the entire state has already been photographed using a purpose built aircraft and photogrammetric camera, the first state in Nigeria with access to such high quality images, and presented the Esu Karu with an orthophoto of the Palace of the Esu Karu. Such images are used by NAGIS to inform survey, development control and planning.

The Esu Karu assured NAGIS of his full support and his belief that NAGIS will make a positive impact on the people of Nasarawa and in the socio-economic development of Nasarawa state.

NAGIS plans further stakeholder outreach meetings across Nasarawa that will include town hall meetings in Akwanga and Lafia.