1. Private or Commercial Applicant need to complete the form to apply for a Right of Occupancy.

2. A non refundable payment of N15,000.00 processing fee must be made into the Lands Revenue Account, Nasarawa State Government with Account Details stated below.        0025645834 Nasarawa State Ministry of Finance - Access Bank. A Certified Bank teller of payment is to be submitted alongside the Application form.

3. A copy of National ID Card, International Passport, Drivers License or Voter Card would be needed as proof of identity.

4. Proof of ownership for the property is required (Change of Ownership, Clearance Form, Allocation Letter, Customary C-of-O or Registered Transaction).

5. Any Power of attorney or Assignment or Sales Agreement that has not been registered will require a Local Government Change of Ownership  and Clearance Form in the name of the Applicant duly signed by the Local Government Authorities.

6. The Applicant would have to book a Site Inspection visit with the Town Planner, Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning MLPP Area Office.

7. The Property must be Surveyed. The Office of the Surveyor General or any Private Registered Surveyor can be contacted.

For more information contact the NAGIS Customer Service Helpline (08054822552 or 07032677637) 

You can either Apply Online through the link Below or Download and fill out the form




01 Land Application SRIv13 - Statutory Right Occupancy Individual

02 Land Application SROv13 - Statutory Right Occupancy Organisation

03 Update Form UCIv12 - Update COFO Details Individual

04 Update Form UCOv12 - Update COFO Details Organisation

05 Update Government Item NSGv5 - Government only

06 Update Withdrawal WAPv5 - Application Form Ind and Org

07 Update Surrender of CofO SRRv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

08 Update Form PITv6 - Property Identification

09 Plot Application APIv12 - Plot from Gov. Layout Individual

10 Plot Application APOv12 - Plot from Gov. Layout Organisation

11 Plot Merger MPIv8 - Application Form Individual

12 Plot Merger MPOv8 - Application Form Organisation

13 Plot Extension PEXv8 - Application Form Ind and Org

14 Plot Part Surrender PSIv7 - Application Form Individual

15 Plot Part Surrender PSOv7 - Application Form Organisation

16 Plot Subdivision SDVv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

17 Plot Change of Landuse CLUv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

18 Transaction Assignment ASGv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

19 Transaction Power of Attorney POAv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

20 Transaction Mortgage MOTv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

21 Transaction Release RELv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

22 Transaction Sublease SUBv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

23 Transaction Deed of Gift GIFv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

24 Transaction Devolution Order DVOv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

25 Misc Legal Search LSAv9 - Application Form Ind and Org

26 Misc Change of Name CNAv6 - Application Form Ind and Org

27 Misc Replacement of Title Document RPLv6 - Application Form Ind and Org

28 Misc Certify True Copy CTCv6 - Application Form Ind and Org

29 Misc Site and Services SSPv8 - Application Form Organisation only

30 Misc Siteplan SPAv7 - Application Form Ind and Org

31 Update Form ReGrant RofO RGRv6 - Application Form Re-Grant of RofO

32 NAGIS Letter of Acceptance - Standard empty Form

 50 Recertification Form RECv4 - Application Form Ind and Org

51 Field Registration FAv3 - Field Application

52 Field Registration Ackv3 - Field Acknowledgement

97Allocation APLv3 - NSG Land Bank Layout

97Allocation APLv3B - NSG Land Bank Layout

98Allocation APLv3 - Taal Orange Market Estate Layout

99 Allocation APLv3 - Korodoma Layout

Report MLTP LSRv3ext - Legal Search Report Extension

Report MLTP LSRv8 - Legal Search Report

Report Observation to NUDB TPv5 - Clearance under Condition

Report Town Planning TPv7 - Analysis Report Change Landuse

Report Town Planning TPv8 - Site Inspection Report

SRI-SRO Document Check List